MBNA Contact Number: 03456 062 062

Contact MBNA on their customer service phone number 03456 062 062 to apply for a new mastercard, to perform a money transfer and for technical support when checking your current balance.


MBNA customer services – 03456 062 062

Phone MBNA customer services on their UK contact number 03456 062 062 to apply for a new mastercard, to extend your credit limit and to confirm the interest rates which apply to their financial products. Moreover if you require technical support when performing an online balance transfer then you can call this helpline for assistance. In addition to this you should phone MBNA as quickly as possible to report that your credit card has been lost or stolen so that they can prevent fraudulent transactions. Likewise if you have encountered financial difficulties which are affecting your ability to make your repayments you can call this helpline for support and advice.

Calls to the MBNA general enquiries number are charged at the same rate as local UK numbers, which start with either 01 or 02 area codes. This means under standard conditions you will have to pay a per-minute rate alongside an access charge to connect the call, however if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your balance you can use these instead to contact MBNA for free. Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week however an automated service will be in effect outside of their usual office hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday).


Complaints – 0800 062 062

Phone MBNA to make a formal complaint by calling their freephone contact number 0800 062 062 for free where you can notify them of poor customer service conduct, an unfair charge on your bill and to appeal against a decision to raise your interest rates. Furthermore if you have been denied a new credit card due to an incorrect item on your credit limit you can call this helpline to inform them of their error and to appeal against their decision. Calls to this freephone helpline are completely free from all UK and landline telephones, nor will your inclusive minutes balance be affected by phoning this number.


MBNA contact numbers

MBNA department Telephone number
MBNA customer services 03456 062 062
Contact MBNA from abroad +44 1244 659 005
Apply for a new MBNA card 0800 068 8788
Balance transfers 0800 933 944
Get independent financial support 0800 028 0690
MBNA complaints 0800 062 062
PPI enquiries 0800 587 0525
Travel Assistance 0800 085 5928
MBNA travel insurance 0800 783 5505


Write to MBNA

You may wish to write to MBNA customer services via their official postal address which is provided here, however be aware that this office no longer accepts unsolicited cheque payments and that they may take up to seven days to respond to your queries:

P.O. Box 1004,
Chester Business Park,
Wrexham Road,
CH4 9WW,
United Kingdom.