E.ON Business Contact Number: 0333 202 4586

If you’re a business energy client and would like to contact E.On regarding joining them, then call the E.ON (business) phone line on 0333 202 4586.

E.ON is a large multinational corporation that supplies electricity and gas to their clients in the UK. Its headquarters is located in Germany but they serve both the UK and the US. E.ON provides home and business energy solutions that fit your needs. They offer fixed tariffs in 1- 5 year contracts. HavingĀ  a fixed price means that your business is able to control its energy expenditure much more efficiently. They also point out that their fixed rate tariffs really are fixed unlike those of others that overcharge you.

Aside from the fixed rate plans, they also offer MultiPurchase plans for businesses that require energy in irregular or seasonal intervals. There is also the Flexible plan for businesses that don’t want to fix their expenditure automatically. If you want to get your energy solely from renewable sources, then you can opt to get the REGO plan. REGO stands for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin. You can also make use of MarketView to view the current trading prices for energy and buy whenever you think the price is right. You can buy through the E.On experts.

Getting an E.On Business Account

If you’re thinking about joining E.On for your business energy needs, then call them on their E.On (business) line: 0333 202 4586.

Bills and Payments Enquiries

If you have questions about your current energy bills or if you would like to make payments, then call them on 0333 202 4687.

Direct Debit

If you are using direct debit and you would like to make enquiries about your account, then call them on 0333 202 4687.

Smart Meter

If you have questions regarding the E.On Smart Meter that your business is using, then call them on the phone on 0345 366 5974.

Getting New Connections

If your business is planning on getting new energy connections, then contact E.On on 0333 202 4920.