EE Contact Number: 0843 504 7167

If you want to contact EE to check your balance, then call 0843 504 7167 or just send ‘BA’ or ‘AL’ to 150 straight from your EE mobile phone.

EE is the UK’s leading mobile telecommunications network. It was created after two big rivals, Orange Mobile and T-Mobile decided to merge. As a result of their merger, EE now holds in excess of a third of the entire UK’s mobile market share. This percentage translates to 28 million subscribers. After the Orange – T-Mobile merger in 2010, the resulting EE company then merged with BT in 2015. BT was already an unmatched giant in its field (broadband and landlines) but with the addition of EE’s mobile market share, BT is now considered one of the largest all around communications companies in the UK.

EE operates three mobile network brands, its very own EE brand as well as the original Orange and T-mobile brands. Though Orange and T-mobile are officially discontinued, legacy sims and numbers are still supported and are now integrated into the EE network. These legacy numbers are also eligible to upgrade to the EE network, even retaining the numbers in the process.

Balance Enquiry – Pay as You Go

All of these networks offer pay as you go lines to their subscribers. If you want to contact EE (to check balance), then just send the following codes to their respective numbers:

Balance Enquiry for EE Subscribers

Just send ‘BA’ or ‘AL’ to 150 to check your current balance or allowancees.

Balance Enquiry for Orange Subscribers

Just send ‘BALANCE’ to 150 or 450 if you want to contact EE (to check balance).

If you want to know your remaining balance for your Orange Pay as You Go Bundles, then send ‘BUNDLES’ to 150 or 450.

Balance Enquiry for T-Mobile Subscribers

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, then you just need to send ‘BA’ or ‘AL’ to check the current balance or the allowances left on your pay as you go T-Mobile.